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Candace Coderre

About me!

I began practicing yoga at the age of 14 attending my first class at Bikram Yoga in Oceanside, CA. The class was challenging, but I knew I was hooked. 

I would take the bus to yoga after school and cleaned the studio in trade for classes. If it wasn't for that amazing studio in Oceanside, I can honestly say I don't know where i'd be today. It completely changed my life for the best. 

Yoga was where I came to release endorphins. Being someone who battled with depression, coming to class and getting on the mat always made me feel better. Holding postures in stillness gave me the mental clarity that I never knew I  needed to accomplish my goals in the real world! The healing benefits of yoga are endless, but what truly inspires me is the overall feeling of happiness, wellbeing, and joy that comes from accomplishing and pushing through each class. Focusing and working through each posture helps strip your mind and body from tension, stress, and negativity that everyone tends to hold onto sometimes not even realizing it's there.

I believe that when you feel good, you have the capacity to be a kinder, more loving and compassionate person, which I believe our world is lacking today.  My hope is by providing this space where we can sweat it all out and feel good, we can grow together to help strengthen ourselves and our community. My dream is to create a happier and healthier place for everyone to escape and revitalize. 

See you on your mat!


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