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Katie Ludwick

About me!

I was first introduced to hot yoga specifically when I was in college. At the time for me, it was just a new way that I found to get a physical workout in and deep sweat simultaneously. As time progressed, I started to realize it was a craving I desired, something that kept me coming back for more I just couldn’t get enough!!! I finished my schooling and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree while still maintaining my secondary job in the restaurant industry. I was working multiple jobs to support myself, but deep down I knew something wasn’t adding up.

Fast forward to me moving out to California where my love for the practice began to deepen more and mindset began to shift. I could finally see my future, me being able to seamlessly blend my two passions of fitness and community service. After completing my 200 hour training I have since had the opportunity to not only increase my knowledge and skill set as a teacher but I’ve found a wonderful and supportive community that I am immensely grateful for. I believe that while all of our life journeys are not on an identical timeline, we are still able to find this same time together in one room where we are able to connect and share our practices with like minded individuals- an energy that is unmatched! That’s why in my classes I like to incorporate not only different music playlists to cater to the mood/day but also dancing with the soul that’s guided by breath first, safe movement, and of course as always fun!!!! Find me on the schedule here and let’s create some magic.


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