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Kelli Russell

About me!

Kelli truly is a body+mind+spiritual wellness coach. For the past decade, she’s taught yoga/meditation/mindfulness and is a Yoga Teacher Trainer with the highest credentials offered by Yoga Alliance (500-ERYT + YACEP, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider).

With a Masters’s Degree in Counseling, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy, she also sees people one-on-one for Psychological Kinesiology/Subconscious Change Facilitation both online and in-person in private practice in Encinitas, CA.

Her supportive approach to whole-being wellness helps people shift into alignment with their highest selves, rediscover their innate awesomeness, and recognize that they have the power to create a life that they love.

I earned degrees in Psychology and Counseling because I wanted to help people live their best life possible, but I was disillusioned to find that talk therapy seemed ineffective at creating real changes. Then I started practicing yoga in 2003 and was stunned by the instant positive shifts I observed in people. Students who walked in with slumped shoulders, downcast eyes, and low energy, walked out of the yoga room like a different person –  smiling, with their chest open and a light in their eyes! It was amazing to observe!

The incredible changes that I continued to witness were enough to spur me to shift careers and become a yoga teacher.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of the last decade teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness because the effects are so powerful!

I believe that by doing yoga, you become THE SUPERHERO OF YOUR OWN LIFE: confident, strong and flexible in both body and mind, present, and able to handle life’s challenges with ease and grace. 

My classes are usually strong, nurturing, empowering, creative, sometimes more on the fun side /sometimes more focused; all designed to derail you from your auto-pilot patterns and move you into mindfulness so that you can live the best life you can imagine.


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