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Kelsey Cuje

About me!

My journey into the world of yoga has its roots in my childhood, thanks to my mom's holistic approach to well-being. Growing up in a bustling household with three sisters and a brother, I was introduced to my first yoga class around the age of 10-12. However, my profound connection with yoga blossomed at 14 when life's challenges became more apparent. It was during this time that my mom suggested trying a hot yoga class. The turning point in my yoga adventure occurred in my hometown of Fair Haven, New Jersey, at Synergy, where the incredible Jen Portman still teaches and inspires others. Initially, I turned to hot yoga as a means of decompressing and finding equilibrium between my rigorous sports training. Throughout high school, I played soccer and lacrosse, with a heightened focus on lacrosse in my junior year, eventually leading to my recruitment to play D1 at Rutgers University. During my D1 journey, yoga became an integral part of my weekly routine, especially during the off-season. Yoga served as a constant companion, guiding me through life's curveballs and offering a retreat to my breath—a voice for my spirit in sync with my mind and body. Post-college, I sought the sunshine and warmth of San Diego, living in various neighborhoods before settling down in Leucadia, just a stone's throw from the studio. When not immersed in teaching, I work remotely in sports tech and coach a mini-course on disordered eating for former/current athletes. Beyond my professional pursuits, you'll find me exploring new coffee shops, taking leisurely walks with our dog Nava, hiking, discovering secluded camping spots with my fiancé Greydon, or cheering at local sporting events. I have a deep passion for movement, and I am dedicated to inspiring others to embrace an active lifestyle. As the saying goes, "a body in motion stays in motion; a body at rest stays at rest." My ultimate passion lies in serving others. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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