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200 Hour RYS Teacher Training

STARTS JUNE 7TH, 2024  |  9 WEEKS  

Embarking on our yoga teacher training course will be a transformative journey that extends far beyond the mat. Beyond mastering the intricacies of asanas and pranayama techniques, it offers a profound opportunity for personal growth and development. Through deepening your understanding of yoga philosophy and anatomy, you not only enhance your teaching skills but also cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others. This immersive experience fosters self-awareness, resilience, and a profound sense of inner peace. Moreover, the process of guiding others through their yoga practice nurtures leadership abilities and fosters confidence in one's own voice and presence. Ultimately, our yoga teacher training course is not just about becoming a certified instructor but about embracing a lifestyle of mindfulness, compassion, and continuous learning that enriches every facet of life.

200 Hour Teacher Training with Candace and Reegan Throughout this transformative journey y
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Candace and Reegan are the epitome of cool and zen, making them the ideal yoga trainers for your 200-hour teacher training journey. Candace's soothing voice and Reegan's calming presence foster a nurturing and comfortable learning environment, ensuring students feel supported as they advance their practice with confidence. Additionally, their inspiring and diverse range of yoga styles and experience guarantees that every student will refine their skills, rhythm and flow.

Earlybird sign-up till May 24th

Secure your spot now for $2900 

or $3200 (after May 24)

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